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From the desk of: Cody Sperber
Founder and CEO of Clever Investor

"Winning in real estate is easier than you think"

My Name is Cody Sperber, but many people know me as the Clever Investor. If you do real estate in the Phoenix area or listen to any of the major real estate talk shows you have probably heard of me. Otherwise, you can click here to check out my 15 second bio . Our team launched this free real estate investing starter kit with a simple goal:

To help you start investing in real estate right–
without mistakes and without fear.

That's not how things are usually done. Here's what I mean:

You, like me, have seen the late night infomercials, you've been to the pitch-fest webinars, maybe you've even gone to one of those $5,000.00 a seat weekend seminars.

You already know you can get a ton of good information from these resources, but there is also a down side: After putting all that time and often money into a "sure-fire" program, you're often thousands of bucks poorer and you still don't have all the step-by-step plans to make deals and make real money.

I know, I been there. We all start in the same place. I've learned a lot from seminars and programs put out by the top real estate investors. I have also spent a TON of money.

I wanted to give investors a solid foundation to build their own real estate fortune and do it free. Here is what you are about to receive:

Real Estate Investing Starter Kit: FREE

To get you started on the right foot, you're about to receive our Real Estate Investing Started Kit, valued at $495.00, free – you pay just $7.67 shipping and handling. This starter kit will show you how to fearlessly dive in, find deals, close deals and make money. This program is complete and foolproof.

Investing Guide Cover

Investing Guide: Making Money with No Cash or Credit

This groundbreaking guide will show you how to start from scratch–even with zero money and terrible credit–and begin making money in real estate deals.

I have done just about every type of real estate transaction possible and we let you in on the little known “insider tactics” I’ve used to amass a small fortune in real estate in just a few years.

30 Day Guide Cover

Workbook: Your First 30 Days in Real Estate Investing

Getting started is no long the hardest part with this “baby-step,” Homer-Simpson-Proof resource. It will get you started and making profitable deals with confidence. Step-by-step I show you exactly how to set up your own real estate business, effortlessly find deals, make perfect offers and make hefty profits. This guide will take away your fear and keep you on target from day one.

The Real Estate Investing Money Matrix

Color Poster: 6 Steps Formula to Fast Track Profits

Why reinvent the wheel? After years of investing (both in good economic times and bad) I've developed an easy to use flow chart showing how to evaluate and put together a profitable deal on any property. Is it a dud or a gem? You'll know in seconds using this revolutionary tool.

Millionaire Mindset DVD Cover

DVD Video: Developing a Real Estate Millionaire Mindset

It’s not a cliche: You become a millionaire in your mind long before it shows up in your net worth. Discover how to effortlessly reprogram your mind to become not only financially successful, but to experience success in every area of your life. This remarkable resource will finally bring you the success you deserve along with the respect that comes with it.

"Why Am I Getting This for FREE?"

Why are we giving you this life-changing, "get started right" course free? Simple: It's a bribe.

Clever Investor offers a one-of-a-kind investor program called Clever Investor Professional where future "kitchen table millionaires" like you can network, learn, find deals, find money and have a leg up on the competition. We wanted to give you the chance to test drive this amazing resource.

I'm confident that once you see how your Clever Investor Pro curriculum helps you build your own real estate fortune, you'll want to be a member for life. If you do keep the program you will only pay $97 a month. No contracts, no hassles. But don't worry, I am going to let you get started today for free and if you aren't interested in the Pro level membership you don't even have to try it. You get the option of whether you want it on the next page (see, we told you it would be painless.) Here's what you will receive:

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Special Bonus:
30 Days of Clever Investor Professional FREE

Advanced Support - Ask Clever Investor Anything!

Advanced Support - "Ask Clever Investor Anything"!

Real estate investing can be a lonely business and nothing is more frustrating that getting stuck and having nobody to turn to. As a professional member you will have the ability to submit any real estate related question so you will never be alone again! Have me and my team behind you is truly invaluable!

Live Phone Calls with Dana Van Hoose

Video and Audio Training with Cody Sperber

That's me! I continually create money-making material on the topics of marketing, building a buyers list, negotiating and all sorts of hot topics. This education teaches how to make money wholesaling, doing short sales, subject to, buy and hold a wide variety of real estate investing strategy. Trust me when I tell you this is the good stuff.

Monthly Investor Guide

The Clever Investor Monthly Investing Guide

Each month you will receive a step-by-step action pack showing you how to take your business to the next level. As you already know, identifying cutting edge trends is key to making your fortune in real estate. Your monthly guide will not only let you see what the market is doing, it will also show you how to profit from it NOW.

Audio Call – The Legends of Real Estate Interview

Each month you will receive audio training (not a DVD) today. This information will be priceless to you. Hear from people who've been exactly where you are and see how they built their own fortunes--many sitting at their kitchen table. You'll get hundreds of tips and tricks from the brilliant minds of some of the most successful investors today.

Millionaire's Knowledge Vault

Access the “Millionaire's Knowledge Vault”

The Millionaire's Knowledge Vault is the only investor resource of its kind. We took our years of experience consulting for investors all over the world and put together a knowledge vault where you can get instant answers to any question you will have. No more waiting or wondering–get the answer you need exactly when you need it. Just ask any question you have on real estate investing and the knowledge vault will give you a complete, expert answer.

"This is an Absolute No-Brainer"

Best of all you have absolutely zero risk.

By now you realize that real estate investing is the answer you have been looking for. Taking advantage of my Ultimate Investing Kit for the cost of shipping and handling is a great first investment toward achieving your goals. If you don't agree simply return it and I will even refund your $7.67.

I hope to see you in our Pro Members area, but even if you choose to not take us up on our offer you can still take advantage of the free starter kit by clicking the orange button below.

You have nothing to lose and possibly millions to gain–what are you waiting for? Click here now to get started.

Here's To Your Success!

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