What Does It Really Take To Flip Houses Like You've Seen On TV?

As you watch these compelling videos you will instantly see how to make it in real estate,
what is holding you back and how to profit from the enormous deals available today.

You'll learn the ins and outs of commercial real estate as well as residential properties, flipping properties, no money down deals, no credit deals, buying foreclosures, investing in notes, probate investment, short sales, wholesale deals and even turn key investments.


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Getting Started Today on Your First Deal:

  • How to start on your first deal TODAY with as little as $100
  • How to choose the PERFECT, no-hassle investment strategy for you
  • The surprising "location, location, location" where you will make the easiest profit
  • 5 simple steps to get you started today
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7 Creative Techniques to Generate Leads:

  • The simple, free "trick" to get people to respond to your signs
  • How to find people who will bring you deals and buy your deals
  • Using social networking to build a profitable network
  • How to leverage partners in your local market for quick deals
  • Where to find public lists of people ready to invest in your local market
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Generating Thousands of Motivated Seller, Hungry Buyer and Luctative Investor Leads:

  • The online system Cody developed and uses to generate tens of thousands of local leads each year for free--buyers, sellers and investors
  • How to use the internet to sell your properties quickly and for huge profits
  • How marketing ninjas automate every step of their business so they can fly on autopilot
  • A simple, cookie-cutter six-step system to flipping houses online
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Flipping Your Way to a 7 Figure Income:

  • What is wholesaling?
  • The evolution of a wholesale deal
  • How wholesalers make money
  • A step-by-step walk-through of a REAL wholesale transaction
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How to Generate Long-Term Wealth as a Landlord:

  • How to choose the right property for you
  • Where you should--and should not--buy
  • How to manage your properties
  • Determining whether a property is a good buy for rentals
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Getting Rich with Short Sale Investing:

  • Exactly what a "short sale" is and why they are a win-win-win deal
  • How to find virtually unlimited money for short sale deals
  • The surprisingly simple steps Cody used last year to make over $92,000.00 on just one short sale
  • How to flip a short sale for quick cash at closing
  • How to hold a short sale for long-term, ongoing positive cash flow
  • Step-by-step how to do your very first short sale
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How to Run Your Business in 4 Hours a Week:

  • Where to find low-cost people to "help" your business
  • The top 10 work functions to outsource
  • The only 2 places you should hire outsourcers
  • How to manage your virtual staff



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