Is Clever Investor Legit?

Does Cody Sperber, founder of Clever Investor, still practice what he preaches? Is he still doing real estate deals today, in the current market?
Yes, Cody Closes Deals...Lot's Of Deals!

Cody has flipped 1,000+ deals and counting, worth around $200M or so thus far. In the process he's had his hands in all manner of real estate transactions including wholesale deals, rehab, short sales, multi-unit, subject to, lease options and his own proprietary investing strategy, the Reverse Short Sale.

And unlike so many "experts" you may encounter teaching real estate investing, Cody is still extremely active real estate investor who buys, sells and rents properties day in and day out. It doesn't even feel like work because he's a total real estate addict, always on the hunt for his next deal fix.


The Evidence

Most people are impressed with the money that Cody makes in real estate. The truth is that he is WAY more proud of the families that he helps in the process.

Besides the thrill of the hunt, another driving force that keeps Cody so actively in the game is the art of the deal -- there's noting quite so exhilarating as finding creative and innovative ways to craft win/win deals that (i) solve a motivated seller's desperate "house problem", (ii) pass along an exceptional value to the next guy, and (iii) earn a tidy profit in the middle. Everyone wins!

Here's some video evidence of Cody's deals, along with some recent "Contract Signing Ritual" selfies with some very happy motivated sellers...

What Clever Investor Students Are Saying

A huge part of what makes what we do so rewarding is getting to hear from students who have taken what they've been taught, put it into action, and gotten results. It happens all the time, and nothing makes us happier...honestly! And we constantly get phone calls, emails, videos and thank-you notes from people who go through our training or attend a Mastermind with us, and have their expectations and minds blown.

It's all about serving with integrity and passion, and getting results...period.

Here's just a few quick ones...


Cody Sperber Testimonial Cody Sperber Testimonial

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